This item has been discontinued.

DEP2/15W/R30 15 Watt BR30 Reflector Shaped CFL

Discontinued Specifications

Replaces 60 Watt  Incandescent Reflector Bulb.

  15W 120VAC 60Hz 195mA

This 15 Watt Compact Fluorescent Reflector, manufactured by Helix I&E Corp., is the same size as a standard incandescent R30 reflector bulb!  Click here for a comparison.  It provides 600 Lumens of light.  With it's 6000 hour life it is guaranteed to last up to 6 years!  It lasts 4 times longer than the average incandescent reflector bulb!

Dimensions:  5 inches tall and 3-3/4 inches wide at the widest part of the bulb.  The base is only 2" inches wide.

With its 5000K Daylight Color Temperature, this bulb is great for offices and other work areas.


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This product is Energy Star qualified!

600 Lumens

Color Temperature:



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