22W Circular Replacement Bulb

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Discontinued by the manufacturer.

22W Circular Tube Replacement Bulb

Discontinued Specifications

8 Inch Circline Fluorescent Replacement Bulb.

NA 22W 120VAC 60Hz

Our FC8T9 is designed to replace the bulb portion of our ML801 bulb.  When the bulb eventually does burn out, you can re-use the ballast and just order one of these replacement bulbs!  This bulb uses the standard 4-pin connector.

Dimensions:  The bulb has a 8 inch diameter.  The circular tube is 1-1/8" wide.




Replacement bulb for our Feit 22-Watt Circular.

1100 Lumens

Soft White

2700K Color Temp.


Cool White

4100K Color Temp.

Note: This product does not include a ballast. 

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