23W PAR38 CFL Yellow Bug Light

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Weather Proof PAR38 Floodlight CFL Yellow Bug Light!


Reduced Price Specifications

23 Watt PAR38 Reflector Floodlight Yellow Fluorescent Bug Light

$9.98 23W 120VAC 60Hz 380mA

With its PAR38 Shape, this Fluorescent Yellow Light Bulb is one of a kind!  This bulb provides light, equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb, but only uses 23W of energy.  With it's 8000 hour life it lasts 10 times longer then the average incandescent bulb.  It provides a yellow light that flying insects and bugs cannot see.  Our R40 Bug Light is what you need when bugs are a problem.  If you are bothered by bugs being attracted to your outside lamp or in the garage, then replace it with this bug light.  You can leave it on all night.  You will save energy and money and fewer bugs will be attracted.

Uses 77% less electricity compared to a 100-watt incandescent!

Dimensions:  6 inches long.  The face of the bulb is 5 inches wide.  The ballast is 2 inches wide.

Special: Replace All Your Energy Wasting Light Bulbs And Save!

 Buy 6 BPESL23PAR38T/BUG bulbs and get FREE shipping! A $6.95 savings!

 $59.88 per 6-pack


Twelve Pack Special:

Buy 11 BPESL23PAR38T/BUG bulbs and get one FREE bulb plus FREE shipping! A $14.93 savings!

$109.78 per 12-pack. With our 5% Energy Star Discount, that is less then $8.69 per bulb.  Delivered!



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