*** Out of Stock and Discontinued ***

New Super 3-Way Energy Saving Swirl Fluorescent Light Bulb

Discontinued Specifications

Replaces 50/85/110W Standard 3-Way Incandescent Bulb.

12/20/26W 120VAC 60Hz 420mA

This energy saving compact fluorescent 3-Way light bulb is super!  On its low setting it only uses 12 Watts of energy but outputs 720 Lumens, equivalent to a 50 Watt incandescent bulb.  On it's medium setting it uses 20 Watts to output 1200 Lumens (85 Watt equivalent) and on high it uses 26 Watts to output 1560 Lumens which is equivalent to a 110 Watt incandescent.  With it's 10000 hour life it is guaranteed to last up to 9 years!  It lasts 6 times longer than the average incandescent 3-way bulb!

Uses up to 76% less electricity compared to a 50/85/110-watt three way incandescent!

This Bulb is Energy Star Qualified!

Dimensions:  6 inches tall and 2-1/8 inches wide at the widest part of the swirl.  The base is 2-1/8 inches wide.

Is this bulb too tall to fit in your table lamp?  If so, we have what you need!  Click here for details.


This product is Energy Star qualified!

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