9 Inch Harp

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This product has been discontinued.  Please consider our 10" Harp instead.


9 Inch Detachable Harp

Reduced Price Specifications

Our 9 inch Harp Makes Saving Energy a Reality!

Discontinued 9 inch

When you want to use our energy saving 3-Way bulb or our 100 Watt replacement bulb, you may find that they will not fit in your lamp.  We have what you need.  Most lamp shades are held above the bulb with what is called a "harp".  Most of our bulbs will fit under a 9 inch harp.  Unfortunately, many light fixtures come with 7 to 8 inch harps.

The good news is that these harps are easily replaced and they are not expensive.  Simply lift the sliding clamps, squeeze the harp and it should un-clip.  Replace it with one of our 9 inch harps, and you are done.  Your lamp can easily handle most of our energy saving bulbs, including our discount priced 20-Watt Helix A-Type Bulb.  If you want to use one of our 40-Watt Quad CFLs to replace a 200-Watt incandescent bulb, check out our 10 inch Harp.


Our longer, brighter bulbs fit under our replacement harps!
9 Inch Harp

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