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Why not give the gift that keeps on giving?

Our energy saving products are not only a great gift but they keep on giving for years to come by reducing electric bills!

You can buy a gift certificate for any dollar amount you choose (minimum of $10.00).  You can also select how you want the gift certificate delivered: Email, FAX or USPS First Class Mail (or any combination of these).  For Email and FAX delivery, we will also allow you to select the date of delivery.

Just fill out the Gift Certificate Form!

How to Buy a Gift Certificate

In order to purchase a Gift Certificate, simply complete and submit the form below.   When you check out and make your payment, we will receive your order.  We will verify all of the information you provided and generate the gift certificate as per your instructions. 

How to Redeem a Gift Certificate

 When the Gift Certificate is delivered to the recipient, they will be given a unique Gift Certificate Id number.  In order for the recipient to redeem the gift certificate, they will enter their Gift Certificate ID during the checkout process of our shopping cart.  The dollar amount associated with the gift certificate would then be used to reduce the total amount owed for the recipientís order.  If the recipientís order is equal to or less then the amount of the gift certificate, no further payment will be required to complete their order.  If the amount of the order is less then the dollar amount of the certificate, we will issue a new certificate to the recipient in the amount of the difference.  If the order is greater then the dollar amount of the certificate, we will automatically calculate the additional amount owed and allow the recipient to pay the difference using any of our payment options.

Gift Certificate Form:

Fields marked with * are required.

First tell us who you are sending the Gift Certificate to:

Recipient's First Name:*

Recipient's Last Name:*


Now tell us how you would like us to deliver the Gift Certificate:


Deliver Gift Certificate by: Email:   FAX:   First Class Mail:


Recipient's Email Address:

Recipient's Phone Number:

Recipient's FAX Number:


If you want us to deliver by USPS First Class Mail please provide the Recipient's Street Mailing address:


Recipient's Street Address:

Recipient's City:

Recipient's State:

Recipient's Zip Code:


If you want us to deliver your Gift Certificate to the Recipient on a particular day, please enter the date below:

Gift Certificate Delivery Date: (only available with Email and FAX delivery)

Deliver Gift Certificate in the morning:

Deliver Gift Certificate in the afternoon:


Tell us about you:


Sender's First Name:*

Sender's Last Name:*

Sender's Email Address:

Sender's Phone Number:

Sender's FAX Number:


Check the following box if you would like the Gift Certificate to be anonymous.  If you do not check the box below,  we will include the above information about you as part of the Gift Certificate.

Send Gift Certificate Anonymously:


Use the space provided below to type any greeting that you wish to accompany your Gift Certificate:


Use the space provided below to enter any special instructions, requests or comments regarding your Gift Certificate:


* field is required

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