40 Watt Double Circular 3-Way Bulb

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Discontinued by the Manufacturer.

20/30/40W 3-Way Energy Saving Circular Tube CFL

Discontinued Specifications

Replaces a 200-Watt 3-Way Incandescent.

20/30/40W 120VAC 60Hz

Our Price Includes a 40,000 Hour Ballast!

This 40W bulb provides 2600 Lumens of light on its high setting, 1900 Lumens on medium and 1200 Lumens on low.  On its highest setting it will use 40-Watts of energy, at its medium setting it will use 30-Watts and on low it only uses 20-Watts.  Equivalent to a 100W/150W/200W incandescent 3-Way bulb, but only uses a fraction of the energy. The bulb will last 10000 hours.  However, it can be replaced, since the ballast will last 40000 hours.

The ballast will last for 40,000 hours, or about 28 Years!  You can come back to us in 7 years and replace the bulb at a very low cost.  Much lower then the entire bulb.  We plan on being here for you.

Uses 80% less electricity compared to a standard 200/150/100-watt incandescent 3-way!

Dimensions:  3-3/4" inches tall. The bulb has a 7-1/4 inch diameter and the base (ballast) is only  2-1/4" wide tapering down to 1" at the screw in base.


Click here to see how this lamp is assembled.

Color Temp:


If you already have the ballast and just need a replacement bulb then click here: DEQ-T5


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