Electroluminescent Night Light

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Discontinued by the Manufacturer


If you are looking for an LED night light, Click Here.

DNL2/0.05W Extremely Low Energy Night Light

Discontinued Specifications

0.05 Watt Electroluminescent Night Light

0.05W 120VAC 60Hz

This 0.05 Watt Night Light uses practically no electricity.  Even though it is constantly illuminated when plugged in,  it only costs 2 cents per year to operate.  With its Electroluminescent technology it lasts a lifetime!  With a light output of only 4 Lumens, it puts out just enough light to see by.

Costs 2 cents per year to operate!

This little night light is great for bedrooms and hallways.

Dimensions:  1-5/8 inches tall and 2 inches wide.  At 5/8 inches deep, this little "Light Pet" is very slim also.  Click here for a side view.

Lifetime manufacturer guarantee!

Click here for a side view.

4 Lumens

Just Plug it in!

This little "Light Pet" makes a great gift.

Click here to view packaging.

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