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Zero Tolerance for Pop-Ads!

Noli Control Systems realizes that  almost EVERY serious Internet user is annoyed by pop-ads.  In fact, we consider pop-ads to be a form of SPAM.  We are doing our best to combat this invasion of your Internet experience.  You can be Pop Ad Free today.  We offer a Pop Ad Free Directory which we think provides some of the best web sites available on the Internet today.  When you visit a web site in our directory you can be assured that you will not be bombarded by pop ads!  We also offer a number of different pop ad killing software packages, some of which include a free option, all of which are downloadable and offer a top of the line software product which will eliminate pop ads from your computer forever.    Click Here for details.

The Truth About Pop Ads

The question is why do so many sites spawn pop ads?  Based on our research, we have found the answer to this question.  However, the answer is not simple.  There are Four basic elements that keep pop ads flourishing: 1) Pop Ad Marketing, 2) Web Site Traffic, 3) Advertising Money 4) Go back to #1.

Pop ad marketing is a vicious cycle which is blowing up an advertising cost bubble.  The money they take from webmasters to keep the cycle going will eventually dry up.  Just look at the numbers.  A recent survey found that 78% of ALL internet users detest pop ads and would never click on one.

Pop Ad Marketing

Many pop-ad exchanges offer webmasters promises of "Tons of Traffic" absolutely free if they join their pop-ad program.  Guess what?  They actually deliver "Tons of Traffic"!  What they donít tell the webmaster is that they pay people to surf their ads and click on them.  This traffic has no intention of actually using the site they visit for any purpose.  They don't even read one word.  They are not interested in the site at all.  They are just clicking as fast as they can (since they only make a penny or two per click they don't have time to read).  We call this a "Click Farm".

A click farm sale person can be VERY convincing to the webmaster who has been struggling to get visitors.  Most web sites on the Internet get virtually zero traffic (By our standards anything under 100 unique visitors per day is virtually zero traffic).  They start out with high hopes.  Build their dream web site and go on-line.  They have some great products to offer and interesting content.  They got 10 visitors last week and 9 of those were family and friends that they had to force to go check out their web site.  So, they sign up with a pop ad exchange and Wow!  All of the sudden they are getting 100+ visitors per week.  Pop ads must be the way to go!  Look at all that traffic.  The problem is, they still did not make any money and the pop ad sales person is back at their door trying to sell them more useless advertising.  This time the sales person will try to convince the web master to purchase additional ad displays.  The polished sales person can usually convince the traffic hungry web master to purchase $200.00 or $300.00 worth of "Run of the Network" pop ad advertising.  Such campaigns are quickly exhausted with very little benefit for the advertiser.  In fact, pop ads can significantly tarnish a web sites reputation since most Internet users are annoyed by pop ads.  


Traffic = $$$

Why do MSN and other big players employ pop ads?  They obviously are not hurting for traffic.  Right?  Wrong.  All of the big guys including MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and the like are hurting for traffic,  just on a different scale.  They need more traffic either to stay on top or to try to fight their way to the top.  It is a very big deal to be the #1 visited web site on earth.  Traffic is how these sites are gauged and ranked.  They have stock holders.  They have stock holder meetings.  You can bet that the traffic chart is very prominent during the slide show.  The more traffic, the better.  The more traffic your web site gets, the more you can charge for advertising.  Here are the latest numbers, quoted from a very reliable source ( based on Nielsen Netratings):  "In the month ending July 2002, Microsoft, AOL Time Warner and Yahoo! had over 189 million unique visitors combined.  MSN has taken the lead this month with over 65 million unique users in July, closely followed by AOL Time Warner with over 64 million then Yahoo! with 59 million."  It looks like Yahoo! needs to find a way to add 6 or 7 million visitors next month to get to the top!  These guys will pay some big bucks to get to the top.  Click farms can deliver traffic, all be it useless traffic,  it is still counted.

However, using pop ads to improve traffic in order to pump up your numbers is simply creating a bubble which is bound to pop (no pun intended).  We think that it is a marketing blunder to allow pop ads under any circumstances.


Charging for Pop Ads

The big sites also get to charge the click farms every time one of their ads is simply displayed.  No one even has to click on it.  Even if you are only charging 1 cent per pop ad and your site had 65 million visitors per month and you only displayed one pop ad per visitor...  Do the math.  That's $650,000 U.S. dollars of pure profit per month (for nothing).  But the Click Farms are charging their customers 2 cents or more (depending on how much they pay their clickers) per pop ad...  Go back to number one!  Pop Ad Marketing!  The "FREE" pop ad exchanges are just a scam to get traffic hungry webmasters hooked.  Once hooked, they are constantly barraged by click farm sales persons to buy more and more advertising.  It is big money, and that's why it is so prevalent in our Internet experience.  Even though we hate it, as long as it continues to pump up traffic and dollars for the big guys (at the expense of the little guys) it will be here for a long time.

Our conclusion is that pop ads are nothing more then a scam.  A complicated cyclical advertising scam.  Not to mention that pop ads are obviously SPAM in its purest form.  Join us today and as one voice we will say NO to pop ads of any form our allowed to invade our Internet!  Stopping pop ads is easy and inexpensive.  We have found a number of ways to eliminate pop ads.  The most you would pay is around $40.00 for a software download that would eliminate pop ads for good.  You can also find free pop ad killer software.  These have certain "built in problems" that will lead you to eventually buy a full featured pop ad killing package.

This premier banner spot is available for rent.  Click here for details.

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