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Due to the popularity of our link program, we are receiving a high volume of reciprocal link requests.  Therefore, it is impossible to review, approve and process all requests within 72 hours.  If you would like to be reviewed and included in our directory within 72 hours we must charge a small fee.  Free reciprocal links may take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to go live, depending on the volume of requests we have to process.

Our Express Inclusion option guarantees that your site will be reviewed for inclusion in our directory within 72 hours.

Express Inclusion

Reduced Fee

Web Site review guaranteed within 72 hours!


Usually within 24 hours or less!  The Express Inclusion fee is for having your site reviewed within 72 hours.  Paying this fee does NOT guarantee that your site will be listed.  If your site does not meet our criteria for inclusion, your site may still be rejected.  The Express Inclusion fee is non-refundable, even if your site is ultimately rejected for inclusion into our directory.

For best results, please review our Inclusion Policies prior to submitting your site.

If your site is rejected, you will receive an email detailing the reasons.  If you choose to modify your site in order to make it acceptable for inclusion, we will review your site a second time upon your request.  Your paid Express Inclusion fee includes the second review for no additional charge.

If your site is rejected a second time, you will need to pay the Express Inclusion fee again if you want to your site reviewed again (or submit a regular reciprocal link request which may take from 2 to 6 weeks).

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This premier banner spot is available for rent.  Click here for details.

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