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All links in our directory are reviewed prior to their inclusion to verify that they meet our strict family oriented, anti SPAM, and anti Pop-Ad policies.  If we decide that a site is not suitable for our directory, based on our policies, it will not be included and the webmaster for that site will be notified of the reasons for our decision.  PLEASE do not request a reciprocal link from us unless your web site meets ALL of the following policies.  If we determine that your site does not meet our inclusion policies, it WILL be rejected for inclusion in our directory.  Period.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If your site is rejected, we will only reconsider your site based on a new submission.  Free submission requests can take from 2 to 6 weeks to process (Paid Express Inclusion requests will always be reviewed within 72 hours).  If your site is rejected, it will not be considered again until you re-submit AND your site comes to the front of our list for review.

All of our policies are required and there will be no exceptions.  Our policies are designed, not only to give our web site the best possible return from our reciprocal linkage, but to give your website the best possible return also.

We enforce the following policies:

1) Your site and sites that your site links to, either directly or indirectly, must be family oriented (i.e. PG13 or less).  If we determine that your site, or any site with a direct link path from your site, has unacceptable content,  your link will not be added.

2) Your site must not spawn pop-up and/or pop-under ads.  We consider these types of ads to be another form of SPAM.  We find them to be annoying and we do not want to subject our visitors to a deluge of ads when they leave our site via a link in our directory.  We have a zero tolerance of pop-ads from our link partners.

3) Your site must be in operation 24/7.  We periodically check all links within our directory.  If the link to your site does not function when we check it, the link will be removed.

4) Your site must contain a reciprocal text link or banner link to our site at the time we review it.  If it does not, or we cannot find the link (See #6 and #7 below), your site will be rejected.

5) We will only link to a web page which contains content.  We will not reciprocate a link to a page which then re-directs to another page.  If you have pages which redirect, please request that your reciprocal link from us points your real web page, and not the redirect page.

6) We will only link to the same domain name where our reciprocal link is located.  You can place our link on any page of your site and request that we reciprocate with a link to another page of your site.  This is the normal case.  What we do not allow is for you to request us to point your link to a completely different domain.  For example, our domain name is "".  If you place a link to us on a page in the domain "" you cannot ask us to reciprocate with a link to a page in the domain "".   In this example, our reciprocal link must point to a page in the domain "".

7) There must be a link path from the page you submit for linkage to the link you provide to us.  In other words, we will not link to a site if our link cannot be found by navigating the site from the page you are requesting us to link to.  To insure that we do not reject your site by accident, please indicate the exact linkage path from your home page to the page with our link on it when you submit your linkage request.

8) A visitor must be able to use the Back Button on their browser to leave your site and return to the previous site which that visitor was viewing.  The Back Button must work!  Sites which trap the visitor by forcing the Back Button to return to the current site, regardless of the reason, will be rejected for inclusion to our directory. 

9) Rotating displays of our link are not acceptable.  Our link must be permanently displayed on your web site in order to qualify for a link from us.  

10) We reserve the right to add additional rules to this list at our sole discretion and without notice.  

If your site has already been included in our directory and we subsequently determine that your site has has been modified in a manner which violates our inclusion policies, it will be removed immediately and without notice.

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