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Noli Control Systems realizes that the best way to promote your web site is by having multiple links from other web sites.  This is the name of the game in top ranked search engines.  The more qualified links you have from other domains the higher your site will rate in search results.  Lets work together to promote our sites!

NoliCo Offers Qualified Links!

This is not just another automatic link generating service.  We give personal attention to every link we post.  Our site is a real, advertised, e-commerce site receiving more then 48,800 unique visitors, 78,000+ page views, and 491,300+ hits per month and growing.

The key here is that a link from us is a QUALIFIED link.  Many search engines reject, or downgrade links which are automatically generated.  Many automatic links only last a short time.  A link from us is very qualified and will not be removed from our directory unless you remove us from your web site or you make changes to your site which result in disqualification based on our inclusion policies.

We will not accept links from any site which is not family oriented (i.e. PG13 or less).  Further, If your site employs pop-ads (either pop-up or pop-under) please remove them before requesting a reciprocal link from us.  We reserve the right to reject a reciprocal link based on our sole discretion.

Zero Tolerance for Pop-Ads!

If your site spawns pop-ads, or you intend to use them at any time in the future, please do not request a link from us.

Click here for reasons we may reject or remove your link.

We offer free exchanges of Text Links and Small Banners.  

Due to high demand we can no longer accept free reciprocal links of 468X60 Banners.  All 468X60 banners spots are only available for a rental fee.  Please refer to our banner rental page for details.

Text Links:

If you place a  text link to us anywhere on your web site, we will place a text link to your web site in our link directory.

Reciprocal text links from our site will be placed on the directory page that most relates to your site.  All text links are sorted alphabetically on each page.

Click here for our suggested text link wording and HTML code.

Small Banner Exchange:

We offer multiple small banner ad locations on each of our directory pages.  If you place our small banner ad on your web site we will place your small banner ad on one of our related links directory pages AND give you a text link on a different page of our site.  Your small banner ad must conform to the following limits: 155X125 Maximum (it may be smaller) and have a file size of no more than 10K (give or take a few bytes). If an ad you submit is initially larger then this, we will attempt to resize it to fit within these criteria.  If you place one of our small banners on your web site and you do not have a small banner ad for us to reciprocate, we can create one for you.  Please review our Banner Design page for details.

Click here for our suggested banners and HTML code.

Small banners may be placed on any directory page, including the same page as your text link.  If you do not request a location for your banner, we will select one for you.

How do I link to NoliCo?

It's easy!  Just decide which type of link you want.  Then use the following examples to add our link to your site:

Text Links:  We request that you use the following text when linking to us using a text link:

Noli Control Systems - Save Energy With Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
We offer a range of quality energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs and accessories. We have the most popular and best value energy saving light bulbs in America!

Suggestion: If you copy the following HTML code into your web site code, it will generate the above text link to us:

Banner Links: We offer two sizes of banners for reciprocal linking.  We request that you use one of the following examples when linking to us using a banner link:

Energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs from Noli Control Systems.

Suggestion: If you copy the following HTML code into your web site code, it will generate the above banner link to us:

Energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs from Noli Control Systems.

Suggestion: If you copy the following HTML code into your web site code, it will generate the above banner link to us:

We have a number of other banners to choose from if you don't like one of the above examples. Click here for to view our banner selection.  Right click on the banner you like and save it to your hard drive.  Upload the banner into your web site and link it to

Once you have added a link to us and uploaded it, then use our submission form and specify where your link is so that we can verify that the link is live and that it meets our inclusion guidelines.  We will then reciprocate with a similar link based on our policies stated above.  Due to the current high volume of reciprocal link requests we are receiving, it may take 1 to 4 weeks before your reciprocal link is online once we receive your notification.  Remember, we give personal attention to every link.  We will notify you via email as soon as your link is live.  If you need to have your link up as soon as possible, check out our Express Inclusion option.

If you are having any problems with our program, need assistance or have a question just contact us and we will do everything we can to help you.

We consider pop-ads to be a form of SPAM.  We require that a site we link to does not employ pop-ads (either pop up or pop under).  If we determine that your site has employed pop-ads after it has been added to our directory it will be removed immediately and without notice.

This premier banner spot is available for rent.  Click here for details.

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