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NoliCo Privacy Policy:

Noli Control Systems privacy policy is designed to protect you.  We will not sell your information to anyone.  Period.  Not even if you asked us to!  If you purchase something from us, send us an email, submit our contact form, submit your email address, call, or fax us.  The buck stops here.

We will never share your information with anyone unless it is necessary to complete your order and ship it to you.  We share information with third parties in the following instances.

1) Cookies:

Our shopping cart uses cookies to record items you select for purchase while shopping.  We also record your order id.  The order id is simply a unique number which identifies your current order from other orders.  The customer id has nothing to do with you personally.  We simply use it to differentiate between different orders.

We also record your zip code in a cookie so that we can compute any possible rebates related to your shipping location.  Sometimes, if the data is already available in our database, we will record your city and state.  We do not use this information in any way other then to look for possible rebates for you.

Please be assured that we will never sell your information to any third party.  We are not in the information selling business.  Period.  We want to earn your trust.  While cookies are necessary for us to provide you with our service, you can rest assured that we will never "track" your shopping habits or your browsing habits in our cookie.

View the complete contents of our cookie:

2) Shipping:

We must provide your name and address to UPS or the US Postal Service in order to ship your order.

3) Credit Card Payments:

We accept MasterCard and Visa using a secure online payment form, by telephone, FAX or mail order.  You must provide your credit card number and expiration date along with your shipping information.  We supply your credit card information electronically, and securely, to a credit card payment gateway which verifies and completes the transaction (just like a big chain hardware store).  We do not retain or record your credit card information in any way.  If you fax us a credit card order with your credit card number on it, we will enter the order, charge your credit card, then shred the form with your credit card information on it.  We will not store your credit card information on any computer or other device.  There is NO WAY any thief can steal your credit card information from us.  We won't have it for them to steal.

Any time you use a credit card to purchase goods or services, information is collected.  When you use your credit card at a local restaurant, the clerk swipes your card in a reader which then connects to a server to process your payment.  This process involves transmitting your information over a phone line to a computer which in all likelihood is connected to the Internet.

Therefore, we believe that our policy and procedures for accepting credit cards to pay for goods and services over the Internet is safer than giving your credit card to a waiter at your local restaurant.  We work hard to prevent fraud and protect your privacy.

4) Pay By Check:

We will call your bank and verify that the account exists, under your name and address, and is funded.  Your bank requires that we disclose certain information on your check in order to provide us with verification.  In order to avoid fraud, we will independently verify bank phone numbers and addresses.  These must match the pre-printed information on your check.  We do this to protect you.

5) PayPal Payments:

We also offer PayPal, a secure online payment service, to process your credit card payments.  PayPal works hard to prevent fraud and protect your privacy.

PayPal is a separate entity from Noli Control Systems.  As such, they have their own privacy policies and procedures.  Click on the following links  to review  the PayPal privacy policy or go to their Security Center.  These links will open a new browser.  Simply close the browser when you are finished to return.

PayPal Privacy Policy PayPal Security Center
NoliCo is PayPal Verified. Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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