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This premier banner spot is available for rent.  Click here for details.

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Due to the high demand for 468X60 banner spots throughout our directory, we no longer offer any free 468X60 banner links.

Full Stop 468X60 Regular Banner Ads as low as $2.50 for a full month with a one year lease!

A Full Stop banner ad will not rotate with other ads.  If you rent a spot, your ad is the only ad that appears at that spot for the rental period.  Our regular banner spots can be found at the top and bottom of each page within our link directory.  Sorry, but the two spots on the main link directory page are considered premier spots.  However, all category pages have two regular banner spots.  One at the top of the page and one at the bottom.  These spots are identified throughout our web site by text that reads: "This regular banner spot is available for rent."  There will NEVER be more than two banner spots on any page of our site.  One at the top of the page and one at the bottom of the page.

Some regular spots will have a banner currently displayed.  If the text under the banner indicates that the spot is available, then it is available and you may claim it.  Once a spot is claimed, we will remove the "available for rent" text associated with the banner.  Some of our regular spots will only have text and no banner.  If the text reads: "This regular banner spot is available for rent." then you have found a regular spot which is available for you to claim.  No premier spots will be unoccupied in this manner.

Free Lifetime Text Link with Every Paid Banner Spot Rental!

If you decide that you want to rent a banner spot, please fill out and submit our Inclusion Request form.  In the comments section of the form, indicate that you have paid,  or intend to pay, for a regular banner spot.  Please indicate which page and location you have selected and provide a URL where we can find your 468X60 banner ad.  All paid banner spot rental submissions receive top priority and immediate attention from our staff.  If you need help selecting the best location for your banner ad,  please contact us and we will be happy to help.  Along with your banner rental we will include your site in our link directory free of charge.  Your text link will stay on-line for as long as your site adheres to our Inclusion Policies.

One Month Regular Banner Rental

Reduced Lease

Month to Month Rental


Any available regular banner spot is available for this price.  You can get significant savings by leasing a spot for an extended period.

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Six Month Regular Banner Lease

Reduced Lease

Six Month Lease Provides Significant Savings!


With our six month lease option your banner will be displayed for a full six months at a discounted price.  The price works out to $3.50 per month.  If you need a lower per month price, check out our 1-year deal below.

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One Year Regular Banner Lease -  Our Best Offer!

Reduced Lease

This lease beats all other offers.


Lease any regular spot for one year and you will get our best offer.  This deal amounts to only $2.50 per month for any of our regular banner spots!

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Tremendous reach! Targeted Leads! Cost effective!

This premier banner spot is available for rent.  Click here for details.

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