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In order to be considered for inclusion within our directory you must complete and successfully submit this form.

Warning: Please do not apply for a link from us unless you are SURE that you have read AND understand our Inclusion Policies.  It may take us some time to review your site once you submit.  If you do not comply, in any way, you will need to re-submit this form.  You will then go back to the end of the line (a long line).  We get far too many requests for linkage from sites that simply have no hope of meeting our inclusion criteria.  You are wasting your time and ours unless you have read our policy and insure that your site meets our stringent requirements.  Not doing so is setting your site up for rejection.  We see too many sites that submit a request, only to be rejected because the Webmaster does not understand our inclusion policies.  We absolutely enforce all of our policies

Rotating displays of our link are not acceptable.  Our link must be permanently displayed on your web site in order to qualify for a link from us.

 Be sure you understand our policies BEFORE you submit the following form.

The submission form follows:

What kind of link would you like to trade?

Select at least one:    Text Link    Small Banner (Maximum of 155X125 and less then 10K.  It may be smaller.)

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we can no longer post full size 468X60 banners for free.  If you are interested in a 468X60 banner please review our Banner Spot Rental program.

We need the following URLs in order to process your free reciprocal link request:

        URL you want us to link to:

        URL where our link can be found: (A link to our site MUST be found on this page!)

Important: The "domain name" of both of the above URLs MUST be the same.  This does not mean that the URLs specified must be identical, just the domain names.  It is OK to place our link on a different page in your domain.  It is NOT OK to place our link at a third party domain and then expect us to link to your domain.

In the space provided below, enter the exact hyperlink path from the page you are requesting that we link to (usually your home page) to the page where our reciprocal link can be found (usually your links page).  Please use this format as an example: home->partners->interesting_links.  Please add any and all text that will help us navigate from your home page to the page where our link can be found.  For us to accept your linkage request, there MUST be a hyperlink path that we can follow.  Simply putting our link on an unconnected page in your domain is NOT good enough.  There must be a hyperlink path.  We require that you describe that path here:

The following URL is optional, however we will need it to reciprocate a link using your small, 155X125 Maximum (it may be smaller) banner:

        URL where we can find your small banner:

Please do not submit a 468X60 banner using the above URL.  We will not be able to post a 468X60 banner submitted from this form.  The maximum size that may be submitted here is 155X125 and less then 10K.  It may be smaller.  If you want a full size 468X60 banner please review our Banner Spot Rental program.

Enter a suggested title for your web site in the space provided below.  If your web site is a company site, your title must be your company name.  Your title may not exceed 45 characters.  We reserve the right to modify your title.

          Web Site Title:

Enter a suggested description of your web site in the space provided below.  Your description will be used by our text based search mechanism when other users are searching our site.  Therefore you will want to use words in your description that people might search for to find your site.  Your description should be one, properly formed English language paragraph.  Your description may not exceed 425 characters.  We reserve the right to modify your description.

Select a category that best fits your site:


While we require that you select a category, if you did not like any of the selections we currently have available, you may suggest a new category for our directory.  Category names should be general and may not exceed 30 characters in length:

            Suggest a new category:

Tell us how to get in touch with you.  You must enter at minimum your first and last name along with your email address:

Your First Name
Your Last Name
Your Email Address
Your Telephone #
Your FAX #

Enter any comments or special requests in the space provided below.  You may use this space to provide your pre-existing linkage HTML if you have the code:

Before you submit, are you sure that your site meets our inclusion policies?

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